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Full Version: Addons for Eden
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Recently switched media PC from Ubuntu to Mint 14.
Trying to install addons which I had installed before (on the Ubuntu setup). No deal.
When I click install, one of three things happen:
1 - Freeze for a couple of seconds (during which my android remote tells me that its connection is broken), and return to the addon list without doing any downloading/installing
2 - Freeze for a couple of seconds (no android disconnections), return to the addon list. 'Downloading 0%' shows up next to the desired addon, but disappears without the number changing
3 - Start downloading, and either get stuck at 99% or 'install' the addon which invariably doesn't work.

Had a look at the debug log of trying to install some addons (here).
Wasn't sure what to look for but saw lots of "cannot stat URL" and "Didn't get any data from stream".

More info:
Linux Mint 14, XFCE 32 bit (old laptop)
XBMC Eden (from the Ubuntu/Mint repo)
Definitely have internet (weather widget works, ping, wget can get the 'missing' files in the error log, etc)
Debug log (wiki)
(2013-01-24, 03:54)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]Debug log (wiki)

Is this not a debug log?

'Pon closer inspection it seems that the problem is between my XBMC setup and the official repo. Stuff from unofficial sources seems to work fine, and so does installing from zip files.
Has something changed with the repo?
Sorry misread your post