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Full Version: Frodo Test version
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I know there have been a few issues with Frodo XBMC and the touched skin so here is a test version that's been updated to work with Frodo proper
Just install it with the "Install from zip option" and you should be fine

It has no PVR support.
PVR is a pain to skin and a big job, so I've only updated everything else except that. I do plan on finishing pvr support but that will be a extra download submitted to the add-on repo when I get a chance to do it and your builds should hopefully auto update when I do

Anyway posting it here so people can tell me if they noticed anything I missed aside from pvr
Yeah! Great. I'll install it once get home from work. If I run into anything, I'll post it here.

Installed it and hurrah, I have my tv banners back! Thanks!