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Full Version: bollywood scraper
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has anybody already been able to make one since imdb and the moviesdb have very little to no metadata when it comes to that genre , thanksNod
Maybe it's time to start adding them then...
yeah i wish someone would do so
Why not you? Is there anything which blocks you to do?
not sure where to start actually,lols
(2013-01-25, 00:19)hentai23 Wrote: [ -> ]not sure where to start actually,lols

Register for an account at themoviedb.org: https://www.themoviedb.org/account/signup

You can then enter information about movies with which you are familiar. If enough people who are Bollywood movie fans do the same thing, then there will be a nice database of movie information for this genre. That's how these community-maintained sites work and grow.

i see never knew , ill see how many i can add thanks