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Full Version: Press play on a movie, from file or library view, while the movie loads....
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Problem: Press play on a movie, from file or library view, while the movie loads the GUI is essentially locked. Even if the GUI continues to render there is no way to cancel.

Solution: Instead of a kai dialog, perhaps use a cancel dialog. And, IMO, even better. Go to fullscreen view imediately with a "busy" icon while buffering and setting it up. And respond to stop and back out actions. This would make XBMC feels like its reacting quickly, and the intent was carried out. In comparisson to old busy kai it doesn't remove the old gui so I would almost expect to be able to navigate there while its working.
from jm:

The busy dialog (not kai) is cancellable with back/escape actions for directory listings. It's not in this case, however. I'd agree that jumping immediately to fullscreen might be a way to go, though ofc you couldn't do that for audio-only files, and we don't necessarily know in advance (though we can make a guess ofc). Would be interested in elupus' comments. I believe there's something done on app thread before the busy spins up (I notice this if the server disks are spun down), possibly an exists() or similar in the mediawindow somewhere?