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Full Version: Add a remote source (smb) the GUI may freeze for a considerable time
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topfs2 Wrote:Problem: Add a remote source. If we navigate to smb the GUI may freeze for a considerable time.

Solution: Canceble busy popup? or just a busy icon in label2?
It should already be cancellable with the busy dialog. Does it not pop up?
My limited testing revealed that either XBMC pops up an error dialog or shows a busy (Working) animation.
Former is by definition not cancellable, latter does not seem to be either.
I've been able to use BACK to get out of the busy dialog, but I do recall sometimes not being able to. I know for sure that I've been able to cancel out of a bad SMB source in the past. Will test in depth later.
What sho said, at best it popped up a kai like dialog which is not cancellable
The busy dialog for directory browsing (assuming that's what it is) is cancellable. I don't think the busy would be there otherwise.

IMO the issue needs stating more clearly so that it's reproducible easily and we can focus on exactly what is hitting.