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Full Version: Info windows for albums/artists don't make sense in default installs
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Problem: in a default setup it doesn't make sense to have the info window for albums or artists as there is little to no meta data available on fresh library imports.

Solution: We have a setting to automatically download additional meta data on import, but it's disabled by default. Enable this by default BUT don't scrape this information during library import, but queue a job that does this after the initial import has finished. (same probably for actors)
Agreed, this requires the music scanner is rewritten to use a jobqueue for the artists/albums.

Once done we can certainly enable the setting by default, though I think we'd also need to consider prompting on first scan to ensure user gets a chance to change the default scraper stuff.
The Heimdall scraper engine was supposed to do this iirc?
IMO we shouldn't rely on something that isn't yet fully realised. We need to fix up what we have in concert with doing something new.