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Full Version: Audio on HD Channels
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Hello everyone,

I'm having this little issue with the HD channels here, the audio will only work if I select Directsound as the audio output. Thing is, I'm using WASAPI for everything else (HTPC connected to a Denon AMP) ... SD channels work without problems. Otherwise everything works flawlessly so I'm not sure where it's coming from.


The PVR addon itself sends the raw stream to XBMC and XBMC itself does the demuxing into video, audio, teletext and subtitle streams. Your problem is probably not caused by the MediaPortal pvr addon itself.
Do you only experiency problems het HD channels with 5.1 audio or also with stereo? What happens when you play a HD recording?

You could try to enable debug logging in XBMC and compare the logs for both DirectSound and WASAPI for further hints. I don't know the details behind the new audioengine in Frodo, so you might want to ask for help in the Windows Support section of this forum.
Thanks for the comment, it confirmed that the stream wasn't processed by MP before it gets to XBMC. After looking at the debug log it looked like the audio stream of HD channels is encoded in E-AC3 which is not *yet* supported by WASAPI. The only option now is to completely disable AC3 AVR support before switching to live tv.