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Full Version: Artist Information
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I've set up XBMC to look at my Music files. Its all set up as


All my albums show up great in XBMC with the correct cover art as i have the folder.jpg files in each album folder.

I've downloaded a couple of Artist info scrapers (Musicbrains and allmusic) and done what i think i need to to, to set up images for Artists but they still just seem to be blank. Is there any tutorials out there to sort this out?

Allmusic and musicbrainz aint good for scraping artist info. In facit I think that Allmusic dont work at all.
Download audiodb and last fm scrapers from plugins and scan for info again. Make sure to setup and use artwork downloader artist slideshow and cdart manager to. And you will get all the eyecandy needed.
Great, i'll have another play tonight. I couldn't quite remember which ones i'd tried and Allmusic just stuck in my head.

Your music also need to be properly tagged.