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Full Version: Which sleep command?
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Which sleep command is sent by XBMC to Ubuntu, when the suspend option is chosen? I have a shutdown key programmed to send XBMC.suspend() when I turn everything off, and it resumes just fine, if I resume shortly after. If I wait for too long, it seems like it goes into hibernate mode while it is suspended, because the remote will no longer wake it up, instead, I have to press the power button. I am wondering if this is intentional based on which suspend command is used, pm-suspend or pm-suspend-hybrid?
Is your remote control USB? If so, it's likely your USB ports go to sleep as well, so button presses are not being received by the USB dongle. You'll need to keep your USB port(s) awake during suspend.
I am using flirc. I think I have them enabled to allow wake up, since, as long as I send the wake up command within an hour or so of suspending, it wakes up without issue. It seems to happen when it has been suspended for a long time. I followed a combination of these instructions to allow wake-on-usb.