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Full Version: Signature banner display
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For some time now trakt.tv and other banners are appearing squashed. Can this be changed? Blush

I see this Image instead of -> Image
Not really helpful. It doesn't specify the height of image. Four lines of text+image, but looks like the space for image is fixed at max 40px, which as you can see makes it unreadable. Also if you look at others who have text+image it take almost the same space or even more then 100px banner would. Even this 75px one would be enough:
It will get added then. We decided long time ago that those banners and other images where too big and distracting so we limited the size.
since day one of the new forum we force a certain max-height for images in signatures in order to not distract from the actual content the users care about. Just imagine a thread where every user has those large trakt banners in their signatures + probably also some other crap and then only writes like 2 lines of text - you couldn't read a thing.

Ask trakt guys if they could add a small non-distracting format if you really need that image in your sig.
IMO, there's no real reason to specify image size in the rules, since the forum software itself maintains a maximum height. People can't get in trouble for what they can't do.
People will no doubt ask "what is the maximum height/width" so it might hold off questions to state 'em there?
Plus it'll explain why their natively larger banner images got squished when displayed in the forums?
I suppose those are fair points. So what ARE the max image sizes right now?
max-height is currently 40px. It's done via CSS only, so anybody that has a browser which can apply custom CSS styles to websites can easily override/remove it.
There is also an option to completely turn off display of signatures for those "distracted" people so I don't see the point of such harsh limitations, but I guess if nobody else is bothered I'm fine with it too. Smile
sure, but you might want to see links to guides etc in the signatures but just not pics Wink
OK, I see your point. Gonna look for 40px banner. Big Grin

BTW if someone is looking.. I just added this in stylish add-on for Firefox.
.signature img {max-height: 100px !important; width:auto !important}