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Full Version: How to keep server awake during recording?
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I have everything installed running well on a WHS 2011 server with 5 XBMC clients using a VU+ DUO Clone Receiver. The only issue I have is with recording schedules, if I for example set a recording to start at 430am the server will be in hibernation under the control of Lights-Out (which perfectly hibernates my server every day from 02:00 - 19:00 whilst I am asleep or at work) the server will resume to start the recording but go back into hibernation 10 minutes later. There is an option in Lights-Out to monitor a process so I am looking to see what process is used whilst recording so I can add this to the "stay awake" whilst running this process or any other solution that could work?

Any help would be gratefully received

Many Thanks
Is there anyone that can help with this please? I am having to leave my server on 24/7 until I can find a solution :-(