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Full Version: Remote doesn't work in Key-Input prompts
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I've got a problem with my Remote:
Whenever there's a prompt in XBMC with OSD Key Input, I can't navigate on the OSD Keyboard/Keypad.
For example the Custom Shutdown Timer: I can select the option to set a poweroff timer, but in the prompt to specify a time period, the remote up/down/right/left buttons won't work. I also tried the numeric buttons, no luck either.
Only OK/Enter and Back/Esc seem to work.
irw shows that the input is coming, but XBMC doesn't seem to recognize / interpret this:
[email protected]:~$ irw
209 0 KEY_NUMERIC_9 /dev/input/event3
200 0 KEY_NUMERIC_0 /dev/input/event3
67 0 KEY_UP /dev/input/event3
67 0 KEY_UP /dev/input/event3
6c 0 KEY_DOWN /dev/input/event3
67 0 KEY_UP /dev/input/event3
67 0 KEY_UP /dev/input/event3
69 0 KEY_LEFT /dev/input/event3
6a 0 KEY_RIGHT /dev/input/event3
69 0 KEY_LEFT /dev/input/event3
69 0 KEY_LEFT /dev/input/event3
note: this does nothing when an input prompt is open.

Hardware: Antec Veris Basic IR-receiver (same as SoundGraph iMon) with Logitech Harmony and normal Remote (RM100).
XBMC 12.0 RC3 (compiled 26.01.2013 from git source), also persistent in RC1.
Ubuntu 12.10 (up-to-date)

I hope this isn't expected behavior, I'd like to set Shutdown Timers or do keyboard input via OSD-keys with my remote.
System|Settings|System|Input devices

Set "remote control sends keyboard presses"

(That is where it is in Eden, Frodo might have a different place for it).