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Full Version: xbmcbuntu and/or openelec library issue
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Hello there. Being playing and testing with xbmc for a long time but now that live TV is part of the front-end is becoming more interesting. I build 2 systems, one with xbmcbuntu and one with openelec from latest Frodo RC3 and I have following issues:
1. On xbmcbuntu when I go to browse for my NFS exported from my local LAN synology NAS device it cannot see what's in the root of /volume1/movies. When I point to same path on openelec system it works fine. Is there a special permission on xbmcbuntu to mount the path?
2. On both systems the library won't update. Even when I tell it to update manually once it starts the little update window on top of the screen disappears back and won't update. I set the library to update when system is restarted but still same issue. This is happening on both xbmcbuntu and openelec.
3. For the library update issue would it matter if I access the movies folder on my NAS device remotely using webdav over https protocol? The content plays nice but the library won't update. The scraper is set for both movies and tvshows but no luck with updating the metadata.

Anyone is having this issue?

debug log (wiki)
I loaded today version 11.10 Eden and all is working as it should. Library scans beautifully over webdavs.

My issue is resolved for now,