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Full Version: Add multiple files as single movie and manually add episodes to shows?
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I've spent about five hours trying to achieve this to no end. I have a number of movies that came on CDs or were acquired via illicit means in multiple parts (usually rips of aforementioned CD releases) and which I would like to add to my XBMC library.

The issue is, XBMC views the CD1 and CD2 folders as separate movies and searches for metadata for them both separately. How do I get it to treat the two files/sub-folders as a single movie? Also, a number of television programs have been successfully recognised themselves, but have then failed to have their episodes recognised. How can I get XBMC to add the episodes inside the folder?
Thanks, that's helped a little, but while Stacking now works in File mode, it's greyed out when I go straight to "Movies".
TV shows will be recognised by the folder name, but the individual episodes need to identify the seasons and episode number correctly. http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Vid...s/TV_shows

stacking works in library mode. Its probably something to do with how your files are named.