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Full Version: Conflict with Vuze
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Fairly new to XBMC and Linux - have searched and not found similar thread; if this is the wrong forum, please move appropriately.

Running current RC 3 XBMC on intel atom 2GB , Ubuntu 12.1 Lubuntu

Issue : When run by itself , XBMC performs better than I ever expected with everything I want to do (vid/music/add on news feeds (CBS/FOX add ons) ) , gmail checker, etc. Only problem is with news add ons, they stop and I have to hit play occasionally. Annoying but not a deal breaker .

Vuze by itself and running concurrent with XBMC does everything (dl, filter, categorize, subs, etc. )

When I run Vuze in background and start XBMC , videos (local and networked) play fine; the conflict is with Add Ons - the news add ons won't run, have huge lag, etc. This happens whether Vuze is dl/ul or not , it doesn't seem to be network load related. Historically I know Vuze was a cpu pig, but CPU stats don't show it maxing out or anything near it , plenty of both network (300 WAN, 50Mbs Cable Internet)

I realize the Atom is not burning up the passmarks but the point was to reuse an older netbook as a media device. I just don't want to give it up without some more learned eyes on the problem. Thank you.