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Full Version: Suggestion Imgur Album
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Hi Friends,

I have a good resource in xbmc brazil forum (www.xbmcbrasil.net), is show imgur images album, one resource very good for concentrate images.
It´s very easy to implement in MyBB, only need create mycode, look image what need to have this resource available in XBMC.org


For undestand how work, please visit this link, and look how show album in this thread


in text editor member only need this code for show your album, using mycode:

I hope you like this, and implement here too. If you need more info about, let me know.

Imgur Site for upload images free.


thanks for the suggestion - I guess skinners would love it. Will be discussed.
This feature has been added - have fun with it. But please don't abuse it allover the forum and only if it really makes sense - otherwise we will have to restrict it to either certain usergroups (like skinners, addon devs) or limit it to forum branches.

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Thanks, da-anda, great work.