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Full Version: VNSI versions and compatibility
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hmm, the last message is different. could you try to checkout release 1.2.1? https://github.com/FernetMenta/vdr-plugi...ree/v1.2.1

master is a development branch and it is possible that this just a bug. we will investigate
Compiled it but results are the same:

Seems always to happen after watching a recording.
@zeebee how exactly do you change channels? looks like it first stops playback of current channel and then start playback of new channel. could you post kodi.log too?
Now I haven't pressed stop at any time. Just switched channel one time, then one recording and after that live tv doesnt work anymore. Recordings play fine throug.


could you please describe step by step what exactly you do to trigger this issue.
1. put kodi in debug mode and restarted it
2. goto live tv and choose channel 1
3. switch to channel 2
4. start playing a tv recording
5. tried to choose channel 1, nothing happens
6. exit kodi

For me it seems to happen if I first watch live tv everything works fine for multiple channels. But if I view a recording and then try again to watch live tv it doesn't work anymore. I if first watch a recording and then live tv it also works. But after watching a recording live tv stops working. VDR is installed on a cubietruck with debian jessie.
you start the recording without having stopped live tv? then start live without having stopped the recording?
I start playing a previous recording without stopping live tv. Then start live without stopping playback of the recording.
I tried this scenario many times with current master and was not able to trigger the issue.
Ok, I finally found it. It only happens when Timeshift to RAM is active. Timeshift to file is fine. Thank you for your support!
thanks, I will test with this setting
>> vnsi master doesn't work on kodi 14.1, only on kodi master.
>> for 14.1 use opdenkamps helix branch

And which VNSI Server should I use ?

git clone --branch Helix git://github.com/xbmc/xbmc.git
git clone --branch helix https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc-pvr-addons.git

git clone --branch Huh? https://github.com/FernetMenta/vdr-plugi...server.git

Master dont work


git clone --branch v1.2.1 https://github.com/FernetMenta/vdr-plugi...server.git
1.2.1 does not work?
Yes, it works. I answered Question myself
hi, any eta when the pvr.vdr.vnsi addon will be updated to support xbmc.pvr.addon 1.9.6 (current kodi git version)?
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