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Full Version: VNSI versions and compatibility
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this weekend, just came back from cebit
Hi FernetMenta

At first thanks for your great work! I'm using the vdr vnsi server plugin since the initial release.

Actually I'm using a VDR 2.0 with vnsiserver 1.2.0. The clients are two openelec 5.0.8

Everything works fine for several month!

Because there is a new stable release of openelec which uses kodi 15.2 and to be sure that an upgrade wouldn't break my well working machines I installed kodi 15.2 on my Windows-PC and tried to connect to my VDR using the shipped vnsi plugin. ,

At first everything looks fine but after a few seconds the stream stops with an connection lost error message.
I'm able to start the stream again but it stops again after a few seconds with the same error message.

With my openelec machines everything is fine so I think it is an compatibility issue between the "old" vnsiserver 1.2.0 and the newer pvr-vnsi-addon.

Can you confirm this?

If it is true could you please update your first post where we could see which versions are compatible?

Thanks a lot!

- Daniel

I have a problem to activate the vnsi-client ( 1.9.22 ) at kodi 15.2:

14:17:50 335.176178 T:1542452128 ERROR: ADDON: Could not locate Kodi_VDR_vnsi.pvr
14:17:50 335.180084 T:1542452128 WARNING: UpdateAndInitialiseClients - failed to create add-on VDR VNSI Client, status = 6
14:17:50 335.180298 T:1542452128 WARNING: UpdateAndInitialiseClients - failed to load the dll for add-on VDR VNSI Client, disabling it

At the filesystem:

MLD-Client> ls -l /usr/lib/kodi/addons/pvr.vdr.vnsi/
-rw-r-xr-x 1 root root 206084 Aug 11 20:40 Kodi_VDR_vnsi.pvr

Does anybody know the problem ?

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