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Full Version: Confirm multi channel audio to 5.1 PCM HDMI
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I have not seen a definitive answer on this.

Can the XBMC Android take 5.1 DD, DTS, AAC and output to 5.1 PCM over HDMI? I have lots of 5.1 AAC DVR tv shows that I want decoded to 5.1 PCM to feed to my receiver.

Yes, the AmLogic unit called Gbox Midnight does. http://www.freaktab.com/showthread.php?3...#post49859
Thats good, so does it require XBMC to output 5.1 PCM over HDMI or can it do it out of the box? (I plan on using XBMC)
From the pics he posted it looks like the built in player. As for XBMC it has tons of options in it, but do they all work correctly... that's another story. But if you find something broken then simply write a bug report and gather the required logs.
(2013-01-30, 21:30)reddragon72 Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, the AmLogic unit called Gbox Midnight does. http://www.freaktab.com/showthread.php?3...#post49859
That post confirms 5.1 Dolby bitstreaming - not 5.1 PCM (which is needed along with software decoding of 5.1 AAC) for the OP - or am I missing something?

AC3 is decoded by most AV amps so bitstreaming is a standard solution. However AAC is not a codec that many (any?) AV amps usually decode via HDMI - so if you have multichannel AAC content (quite a lot of European HDTV is now using AAC rather than AC3 for broadcast) you need XBMC or your OS to decode the 5.1 AAC to 5.1 PCM, and the HDMI output stage to cope with multichannel PCM.

AC3/DTS and PCM2.0 48k/16bit are all effectively SPDIF - and carried over effectively a PCM2.0 connection on HDMI. 5.1 PCM over HDMI is a different kettle of fish.
Not all Android devices can do this. And not all AmLogic based devices can either.
Thanks to everyone who replied, but so I am clear:

1 - Only certain Android devices can output 5.1 PCM via HDMI.

2- Can XBMC be set up to do this (AC3 / DTS / AAC / ect) if the hardware supports it?
I asked this same question to PIVOS and was told;

"The XIOS DS Media player will be able to this. You will be able to choose
between RAW or LPCM within the audio settings. RAW will be used if the
audio will be going through a receiver and the LPCM will be used if the
audio is set up directly without a receiver. You will be able to do this
through both the Android OS and XBMC."

So, yes I guess?