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Full Version: Picture Slideshow Screensaver
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Wow! Thank you, @ronie! Smile

I just use crossfade with a 60s frequence. I will try it and report.
@ronie : Thank you, Great result! Smile

I tried 5.0.9 today. CPU usage looks perfect:
Just Kodi: 4-9%
PSS Start: 40-65% for a moment
running PSS: 4-9% (at least nothing more than a waiting kodi)
crossfade: short peak up 45% every x seconds - in my case 60s.

I did not yet tried the "listen to the fan test" in reality, but with this values I assume no relevant influence to the fan from the PSS anymore. Maybe this evening - I will report...
Hello everybody,
I've read through the entire thread but haven't found an answer/solution for the following "problem":
Can you set a Dropbox folder as the source folder? I'm using Dropbox Pro (2TB) and have not permanently downloaded all the files to my local drive, so referring to the local Dropbox folder is not an option. Is this possible?
Cheers, Christian!
Hello everybody,

in addition to Dropbox as a picture source I'd like to know, if there are any plans to include videos in the slideshow as well? This Add-on is a good fit for me, but would be absolutely perfect with video support! I'd even pay a decent amount of money, if this feature is going to be included!

Cheers, Christian
i've tried to add it a while ago, but i won't work.
as soon as you start a video, kodi will exit the screensaver.
(2017-02-24, 13:22)ronie Wrote: [ -> ]the timings are handled in the python code.

in case you want to test it, increase the preloading time to 3000ms here:

and adjust the 'count' by subtracting 3 instead of 1:

Hi ronie.
I lost the config for the changes I made here and the links no longer reference the script or location you advised the change. Are you able to link to these bits of code again please as I need to amend this on a new device. Thanks.
the code has changed a bit since then... the preloading time is now 4000ms by default.
(2019-09-03, 18:43)ronie Wrote: [ -> ]i've tried to add it a while ago, but i won't work.
as soon as you start a video, kodi will exit the screensaver.

So there is no chance of adding videos to the screensaver due to the way its programmed/implemented in Kodi?
nope, not that i know if.
Too bad! But I think I'm getting it done with the built-in recursive slideshow and a script-addon!
(2019-09-06, 00:37)ronie Wrote: [ -> ]the code has changed a bit since then... the preloading time is now 4000ms by default.

Hi ronie. Thanks for the quick response. Any chance you could link me to that point in the script again as the black fading between photos is now re-occuring after a fresh install. Thanks again.
(2019-09-09, 20:41)ronie Wrote: [ -> ]ok, should be lines 161 & 300


Thanks ronie. I am using an 8.2 version of LibreElec (Kodi 17.6) so this must download an older version of your add on. The lines were still set to 1000 & 1 so I amended them to 3000 & 3 respectively. Rebooted and it worked perfectly; no more fade to black.
Thanks again for your quick response!
(2016-09-19, 23:23)ronie Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-09-17, 22:38)haggis79 Wrote: [ -> ]When in non-random mode, is there a way of getting the plugin to resume playing images from where it stopped before rather than to start from the beginning? Or, if not, to have it at least start at a random location rather then from the beginning in this case?

it's currently not possible, but i'll check if it's easy to add such an option.   

Was searching the forums exactly for this resume feature... and found you comment.
Any news on this? Would be really great to have the picture slideshow screensaver resume from the last position.

@diddle i added the future three years ago...
go to the addon settings and enable 'resume slideshow from last position'