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Full Version: [Frodo] Custom Video Nodes
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I was trying to play around with Custom Video Nodes after upgrading to Frodo, but pretty much got confused from the start.

According to the wiki:

Quote:To create custom nodes, the first step is to copy the whole of the default node filestructure to your userdata library.

So, in the case of windows, copy the 'video' and the 'video_flat' folders from C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\system\library to %appdata%\XBMC\userdata\library.

Now I am on an ATV2 so I checked in /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/XBMC/system but it is empty. I poked around a few other places but couldn't find anything.

Anybody able to give me a hint? I promise to go update the wiki afterwards.
So has anybody tried out the custom video nodes yet?

Is it maybe the default node file structure not created until a skin like Aeon Nox is used?
For ATV2 it should be:

Thanks Ned.

I updated the wiki page the best I could so far. I was unsure of the Android and OS X default node paths, so it is just stubbed out. If you let me know what those are I would be happy to update the page again.

I plan on making another pass over it once I get a chance to play with them some more to clear anything up that may be ambigous.

On a somewhat unrelated note, do you know if there are any other skins beside Aeon Nox and Confluence that take advantage of this yet?
Awesome, thanks for updating the wiki pages! I'll see if I can get the other paths in there too.

All skins should be able to browse the nodes, but they might not all display them in any kind of special way. Off hand I don't know what the various skins do for nodes yet, as I haven't played with that feature in them yet (looking forward to it, though!).
A few quick question about nodes - On the wiki page example
<node order="10" type="filter">
<label>(Custom) Motor DVDs</label>
<rule field="path" operator="contains">//nas1/Videos/ExtremeSports/Cars</rule>

Is the node order at 10 because it's the 10th node ?

What is the difference between "filter" & "folder" & best way to use them ?

For the above example why is the path set to "videodb://1/3" which = years