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Full Version: Music showing compilations albums for single songs
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Hello, I'm new to the forum, but have bin using xbmc for a wile now and just went over to frodo. I have bin looking for my problem on the forums but could really find it.

I'm running Mac OSX ML > xbmc Frodo > Aeon MQ4 skin.

I'm alway organizing my music in itunes with all the tags. All of the albums are going well accept the singles where i have no album for.
I have selected them all and set the album artist tag to "various artists" and left the album tag empty and selected the compilation button.
Now when i go into xbmc - music - album all the artist that are in the compilation have a single album and also get an album name (from the original file i guess).
so for example there is an album that is called "various artists" and title "Hitzone 63". I don't know where the old album tag is coming from as in itunes the tag is empty (and making it an unknown album). Before i have tried to set the album tag to "unknown" that just makes en album with one of the random images so not really what i'm looking for.
How can i have it that the empty albums tags are just not coming in the album view of xbmc?

Hope someone can help me.

Kind Regards,


Have you told itunes to write the tags out to the files? IIRC it keeps a bunch of stuff in a local database instead.

Also, note that XBMC treats empty album names as singles. i.e. they'll appear in the singles node.
Thank you for your reply, is that the option convert ID3 Tags?

Hmm i used that option now and remove the part of compilation tag. I updated the libary and cleaned it but not much have change, on more problem came up and that is that all the songs are now double in xbmc. I also don't seem to get any rating like i have in itunes. Someone knows what to do?

Thanks in advance.

Removed the Artist Album tag and album tag is empty, i converted all the ID3 tags. The cover art i now updated for the singles in xbmc but it still shows the old album were they where from.

edit: the problem i had with the duplicates is gone.