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Full Version: Scraping unmatched video items
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Problem: Video files that the XBMC scrapers cannot match to an online entity go completely under the radar and are never shown by the XBMC video library. The user has to trawl through a cryptic logfile after each scan to find out if there are files in their collection that XBMC cannot add to the library. Then browse to the file and do a manual lookup.

Solution: There are several options, couple of which are:
1. Add all and any valid files to the video library, presentation of these files could be:
a) inline with other media according to the content set on the file.
b) in a separate "unmatched" library node.
2. Create a separate log that is appended instead of overwritten.

The Challenges: 1. would require a filename scraper to fall back on, which has for some reason been a elusive beast at best
The requirement for TV episode enumeration would have to lifted, to me that would be a positive thing (but perhaps not for alll?) then one could put any file he or she felt like in a TV show node.
We've talked about this at length before. IMO what we need for movies and shows is:

1. An additional field in the database for storing the hit accuracy. This could either be direct from the scraper (allowing thetvdb/themoviedb to let us know how well it thinks they hit) or from us, or a combination thereof. We already use one from us, so it's just a matter of adding it to the db.
2. Once done, we can easily characterise good hits from not so good hits via a smartplaylist.
3. We can then add those cases where we get no hit at all.
4. We then add the ability for user to say "this is right" or "this is wrong, try again using <foo>" (manual lookup).
5. Finally, we can potentially feed back that result to the backend, improving the experience for everyone.

Numbers 1,2 and 3 should be quite quick to implement.

Note that episodes is a bit of a different story - we'd need a different UI for choosing the "correct" episode here, and further the interaction between XBMC and the scraper is quite different, as we have an episode guide to lookup at that point. Some things rely on episodes listed having unique episode/season numbers as well, so something else to consider there.

At the very least, fixing it for movies, musicvids, shows should be easy enough.

I say let's go for 1-3 asap.