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if this is not allowed, i apologize.

i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to make
a xbmc skin, i designed one as images, but have no idea how to
make it into a skin. i checked out that beta skin maker, but
couldnt not understand it. so if anyone's looking for practice,
or wouldnt mind, i'd really like a skin like these images i made.

dukes of hazzard (original not new movie) theme.

possibly so it works with the new dvd menu support ability.

somewhere also on there, a bttn that would bring up a menu, that would in the menu have options like:

game trailer
movie trailers
web radio
remote only > dashboard, reboot, shutdown, system info, profiles

stuff that a normal skin has.

in the images i used the following:

title font: disintegration size 55

d u k e s font: disintegration size 55

descritptions (my etc..) font: eraserdust size 20

selected menu item color: #fe6424 opacity 30

font settings, my files font: eraserdust size size 16

i could provide the duke images if needed seperatley.

as you can see in the images, when a item is highlighted a diff pic shows.

as for when you select one of the menu items, i didnt come up with any style for when your in the my videos, my files, settings etc, something simple, matching the color would be fine.

i know this is alot to ask, but like i said, if anyone has any free time or something, i'd appreciate it.

images go as follows.

main - my programs


my pictures


my videos


my music






my files