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Full Version: PS3 Bluetooth Remote with XBMCBuntu
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Hey all,

First off - if you are thinking about upgrading from Eden to Frodo - burn the IMG to a usb stick and boot off the drive. The bootable GUI has an upgrade option built in. Don't seek out some half answers through manual sudo apt-get responses. Try that first!!

Second - if you are like me and you want to upgrade your unit but are afraid because of the bluetooth remote issue, I have your answer.

1.) Boot into XBMCBuntu.
2.) Open your XTERM.
3.) Type in sudo apt-get update
4.) Type in sudo apt-get install blueman (let it do its thing and install)

Now you should have a bluetooth manager app in your start bar. Take a look its there!

5.) Launch your bluetooth manager application.
6.) Press and hold the Start button and the ENTER button on your remote for 5 seconds. NOT THE Playstation button, the ENTER button in the middle of the directional pad.
7.) Inside the bluetooth manager application you should see your device pop up in the list. Right click on the new addition and click setup.
8.) From within setup select the 3rd option which is proceed without pairing. (should say proceed without using a passcode and pair).
9.) If you have properly put your remote into pairing mode, and you have followed these steps it should complete successfully. If not, you probably did not hold the 5 seconds long enough.

To troubleshoot:

1.) Open your xterm window.
2.) Push and hold your start button and your ENTER button for 5 seconds.
3.) Type in hcitool scan and press enter.
4.) Your device should pop up with the proper mac address. If you did not put the unit into 'pairing' mode, it will NOT SHOW UP HERE.
5.) Another note, pressing any key will cause your device to pop up in the bluetooth manager window. This will initially cause you to think that it has gone into pairing mode. This may not be the case.

Once you have now successfully paired your BT Remote with the application manager follow these steps:

1.) Open your Xterm window if it is not already opened.
2.) Type in: sudo rm /etc/bluetooth/input.conf
3.) Type in: sudo wget http://pastebin.com/download.php?i=PFNCDtXw -O /etc/bluetooth/input.conf
4.) Type in: sudo nano /etc/bluetooth/input.conf
5.) Step 4 will open a text editor of sorts. Your goal here is to find the line that has another mac address in it. Replace that MAC with yours that you wrote down earlier. (or just take a quick peek in the blueman app)
6.) When finished, press Control and X at the same time. You will be prompted to save your changes. Press Y and press Enter.

Now you should reboot your machine (just to be safe). Chances are that you are good to go and it is already working. Load XBMC and test it out!

I know that this configuration file is not perfect and is missing some commands like fast forward - but its a whole lot better than not working at all. If anyone finds a better config file for the input.conf that is flawless I would be SUPER HAPPY to get a copy. PM me if your feeling ambitious!

Feel free to hit the +1 at the bottom here if I helped you - it will only make me want to post more useful things in the future! Big Grin

Have a great day guys!

Team XBMC you are totally awesome, thanks so much for all your hard work!
thanks a lot bro cheers and +1