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Full Version: Moving Buttons Around In PM3
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ok, i haven't had much luck with this.  what xml file do i need to edit to move my videos to the top of my home button list.

i must be doing something wrong because everything i change doesn't appear to do anything?

i'm running xbmc.cvs.10.02.05 with version 1.3 of project mayhem iii.

i aksed this in another forum, but the thread stalled.  it was confirmed that i need to edit an xml within the skins directory.  which xml do i specifically need to edit?  in the ntsc directory there are 2 files that don't look to have anything worthy in them.  i also edited both home.xml files in the pal directories.  the xml's looked more promising, but no luck.

thanks in advance for any help.

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look in home.xml. the xml files and which window's they're for are outlined in the xbmc online manual. see my sig for a link.

if you would like to detail how you did the change once you've done it for the manual, that'll help others out who wish to do the same thing.
this skinninghowtochangehomebuttons piece in the manual more or less anwsers the question doesn't it ?
it at the least describes what file to modify and what the modifucation does. or so i think :)