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Full Version: iPhone 5 screen resolution support
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I installed XBMC on my iPhone recently but It doesn't support iPhone 5 resolution. Please, release a update for XBMC with this resolution support or tell me please how I can change resolution manually (with options in XBMC I can't change resolution).
Yes, please do update the iOS version for the iPhone 5's screen. I have successfully installed xbmc on my iPhone 5, but it's letterboxed since it was designed for the smaller 4/4S screen. Thanks!
could you for god sake give us a couple of weeks please? the jb is out for some hours and you start begging like little babies...
(2013-02-05, 00:18)Memphiz Wrote: [ -> ]could you for god sake give us a couple of weeks please? the jb is out for some hours and you start begging like little babies...

"Are we there yet?", "Are we there yet?!?", "Are we there yet?!?!" Big Grin
yep https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/commit/9a0a...e473dbd454 (at least i guess - i don't have one of those lengthy iphones)...
I'm downloading nightly from today 05-02-2013. Will report back with my findings.
Splashscreen works, and UI and controls work perfect, nice 16:9 layout. And most importantly platback is 16:9 aswell =) Widescreen yup

If you are unsure how to install nightly XBMC, head over to the link in the bottom.


Cheers guys, fast work, nicely done.
If only WebDAV protocol would have been fixed this quick, still waiting Sad
Works! Thanks for the extremely fast response! Much appreciated.
I installed latest nightly, but resolution is still 960*640, i don't know what is the problem.
Device is iPhone 5, installed nightly correctly(in system info menu build is 20130205), in system option screen resolution have only 2 possible positions, 960*640 and reverse 640*960.
Oh wow, big sorry, reboot helped, and now everything is fine! Thank you for all your work.
After getting requested through PM's i decided to make a short howto.
This guide will assume that you have cydia up and running. If you are not new to ssh, putty etc, skip to the bottom steps.

1. Step in cydia: Manage - > Sources -> Edit -> Add
2. Step: Type in http://mirrors.xbmc.org/apt/ios/
3. Let the refresh finish, install xbmc. (you might need to restart cydia if the repo is under heavy load)

Newbie: Howto with a windows computer.
1. Go to Cydia and search and install OpenSSH
2. On PC, Install putty from here
3. Start putty, type in your IOS devices ip adress as "Host name" leave the rest, press open.
4. type in root as username and alpine as password.
5. Follow last steps.

Newbie: Howto without a computer. (might depend on installing OpenSSH in cydia)
1. Go to Cydia and search and install MobileTerminal
2. Start up Terminal app and type su
3. Type in your password: alpine
4. Follow the last steps.

Howto XBMC with 16:9 support. (you can copy paste this whole code and press enter)
1. Type in this code, press enter after each line
rm -f xbmc*.deb
curl -O -L http://mirrors.xbmc.org/nightlies/darwin/ios/xbmc-20130205-8c0fae1-master-ios.deb
dpkg -i xbmc*.deb
rm xbmc*.deb
// note in a few weeks time the direct link i write in this guide will no longer function, so find the newest nightly from the link below, and replace that with the link in the "curl -O -L" line. http://mirrors.xbmc.org/nightlies/darwin/ios/
U could download "FullForce" from Cydia. It stretches the screen. Also. When you airplay mirror. It's a much bigger screen
shaz786 for airplay mirroring to get fullscreen (without 3rd party apps which might cause issues with xbmc) you need to follow our ios faq in the wiki (e.x. - activate airplay mirroring - start XBMC - select fullscreen #2 in system->system->video). This will give you fullscreen too...
just would like to ask a question, i did this 2 times already, and came with same result... after loading the latest nightly build for my iphone 5, my weather app immediately stops working, crashes at start up. i was wondering if anyone else experiencing this?!
Broken weather app is a bug from the jailbreak itself afaik (has nothing to do with xbmc). Just google - there is an updated JB tool in cydia which should fix it.
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