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Full Version: Eden to Frodo - Artwork Problem/Question
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Hey Guys, Firstly I want to say a huge thank you to all devs for making XBMC possible, it is really an awesome piece of software, and thanks to the community, without you, I (and I believe alot of other users) would have been stuck!

Now, the problem:
  • I have been using Eden for a while and decided to upgrade to Frodo stable over the weekend.
  • I installed Frodo over Eden, and all seemed to go without any major problems, on a restart of XBMC, it said it needed to convert the images, and i confirmed, and it started running. Somewhere during the process, as fate would have it ... power failure.
  • After the power came back on, some of the artwork was messed up, so i ran Artwork Downloader (12) but I never chose use local artwork in the advanced settings.
  • After the run completed, artwork was back, but very slow loading, so i thought it might be due to the fact that I did not choose local artwork, so i re-ran AD, but still, it was slow.
  • I then decided, screw it!, I uninstalled XBMC, and chose to remove the settings folder, so that i could start afresh, completely.
  • Reinstalled Frodo, Aeon Nox, and Artwork Downloader.
  • This time just adding 2 TV show, with no jpg's in the folder, no NFO's, XBMC, picked up, and scrape, but after the scrape was completed, i have the poster for the Series, but if i go in one level, no season 01,02, etc posters, just the generic Aeon Nox Video placeholder image.

I must also add, tested in Confluence, same issue, so this is not a skin problem.
I have also selected prefer season posters in the TVDB scraper.

So .... what am i doing wrong?
ouch, we could have told you how to go back to Eden copies of the DB. Did you delete the settings folder or just move it? If you still have it you can put it back but delete from userdata (wiki)/Database/ two files "MyVideos75.db" and "Textures13.db". That will make XBMC go back to Eden copies of those two DBs (60 and 6, I think) and preform the upgrade as if you were doing it for the first time, again.

As for why it's not working now. I'm not sure off hand if XBMC grabs season images without using Artwork downloader.
Ned, thanks for the reply.

I have made a backup of it, so no worries there, but i first want to get it sorted with a fresh install.

I dont know what is wrong here, and if this is expected behavior, but i once again, uninstalled everything, I then went to my tv shows directory, and deleted all the .nfo, jpg, and png images, and added the source, set content to TV shows, and refreshed, its going slowly, but surely. Seems season posters are now being downloaded.

One thing i noticed, is it right that the caching takes so long? For instance, I go to TV shows, and then out of the 10 Shows there, 3 has art, the other 7 is transparent, then when i enter one of the transparent shows, season folder obviously also transparent, then when i go back, all shows transparent, back to main menu, wait a min or two, go back to tv shows, now the first 4 has art, other 6 not, and so on and so on.
Caching can take up to 48hours depending on the amount of work it has to do, navigating around should help it along.

ok, thanks.

Is it normal though for already cached items to go transparent whilst caching is taking place?

I have turned on debug, but cant see any errors
I dont think so, idk I never upgraded from Eden heck I think I had Eden code for 24hours, pastebin a debug.log

uNi, thanks for the help.

I need to go to bed now, I will pastebin a debug log tomorrow.

What should i do while debugging? just start debugging, move around in the folders, and stop after they turn transparent?

FYI. I upgraded from Eden, but ended up uninstalling the Upgraded Frodo, so in essence, it is a clean install.
Essentially yes, you want to notice while navigating which one is going transparent and look at log and see name where file is located in Thumbnails folder and open file directly to see if its also transparent.

A screenshot of the problem displaying would also be helpful for anyone, who say is a developer along with the sample file and the ppastebined debug.log.

This is presuming there is a problem to begin with and files are not going to suddenly start showing up. There was a bug earlier Rc1 or Rc2 where some views had no thumbnail, this was fixed.
From my part I cant see what you describe at all though.


uNi, as requested, here is the Debug log and the screenshots.

I left my XBMC on for more than 3 days now, so i would think that caching has been done, or very near to completed

Please note 2 important things:
  • The screenshots and the debug log was not done at the same time, i took a few screenshots. And then I enabled debugging, but I have documented the steps that i did, will list them below.
  • Secondly, in the screenshots, I have the Aeon Nox skin enabled, I know for testing purposes, the default is better, but I have tested it and the default skin does *exactly* the same.

The following steps was taken, whilst the debugger was running (I have noted the times in brackets, to make it easier navigating the debug log:
  • Open XBMC (10:20_
  • Navigated and Entered TV Shows (10:20)
  • All TV Show Posters are showing (or atleast all that is on the screen) (10:20)
  • Entered The Big Bang Theory (10:20)
  • All Season Posters are showing (10:20)
  • Exit the Big Bang theory (10:20)
  • All on screen TV show art still visible (10:20)
  • Navigate rigt, when i got to Eureka, artwork started getting transparent (10:21)
  • Entered Eureka, no season posters, all transparent (10:21)
  • Went back to TV shows, artwork transparent (10:21)
  • Navigated left, all artwork still transparent (10:21)
  • Entered Big Bang Theory, Season Posters Transparent (10:22)
  • Exit to tv shows (10:22)
  • Exit to main menu (10:22)
  • Exit XBMC (10:22)
  • I dont know if this is normal behaviour, another problem, or related to the artwork, but also not, after selecting Quit, it took XBMC +-3 minutes to close down

Below are some screenshots that i took, to show the above behaviour (please note, image uploading sites are blocked on this connection, so im doing this blindly, hopefully the images show, i will put a direct link to the embedded image, just for in case:
I can only post 6 images, so list continues on next post

Continuation of the above post's list:
I again just have to stress, although the Screenshots are taken with Aeon Nox Skin, exactly the same thing happens in the default skin.

Ah well your using artwork downloader so you need to go knock at someone elses door.

XBMC is perfectly able to download art/metadata I dont see that problem just using XBMC and tvdb/tmdb scrapers and I dont use or know anything about artwork downloader, but I suspect it is whats causing this weirdness if the thumbs dont settle after a few navigation iterations

Though you say this happens in both skins, for sanity sake - you need to remove all external possibilities of interference, like sticking to default skin and scrapers. Since you dont do either grabbing a XBMC developer attention may prove more difficult. It is difficult enough already when the issue is direct XBMC cause.

(2013-02-07, 12:29)uNiversal Wrote: [ -> ]Ah well your using artwork downloader so you need to go knock at someone elses door.

this has absolutely nothing to do with it.

If your images are not loading directly it will be because:
a) they are still downloading and since it's done in a queue the next image will wait until previous one is doen
b) xbmc tries to load/download the image however it's not available so it tries to load until it times out and moves to the next.

read the log and see what it's doing until you find something that it says that it fails to load an image
Martjin and uNi, thanks for the speedy replies. I am a bit of a noob when it comes to reading the debug, but i have picked up on this:

10:20:41 T:4020 WARNING: XFILE::CVideoDatabaseDirectory::GetIcon - Unknown nodetype requested videodb://2/2/109/1/?tvshowid=109
10:20:41 T:4020 WARNING: XFILE::CVideoDatabaseDirectory::GetIcon - Unknown nodetype requested videodb://2/2/109/2/?tvshowid=109
10:20:41 T:4020 WARNING: XFILE::CVideoDatabaseDirectory::GetIcon - Unknown nodetype requested videodb://2/2/109/3/?tvshowid=109
10:20:41 T:4020 WARNING: XFILE::CVideoDatabaseDirectory::GetIcon - Unknown nodetype requested videodb://2/2/109/4/?tvshowid=109
10:20:41 T:4020 WARNING: XFILE::CVideoDatabaseDirectory::GetIcon - Unknown nodetype requested videodb://2/2/109/5/?tvshowid=109
10:20:41 T:4020 WARNING: XFILE::CVideoDatabaseDirectory::GetIcon - Unknown nodetype requested videodb://2/2/109/6/?tvshowid=109

Can this be the root/cause/ or even part of the problem?

Im not 100% sure how the whole caching works, but as the screenshots show. the images are displayed (so i would think that means it is cached?) but then disappear.
can you give me a full Debug Log when this happens please
Martjin. I pasted a full debug log on the previous page, here is the link again: http://www.xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=33551

I will do another in a bit, just in case you went through this one, and it was not sufficient.

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