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Full Version: Question about Web > Styles and Skin Folder
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i got a question, looked for answer, couldnt find one.

i had a march build before updating to a newer buld (updating right now actually, last 2 wouldnt work), but anyways, i noticed now there is a skin folder, with a skin in it, but also a web folder, with a styles folder, with a skin in it.

so when adding a new skin, where does it go? in the xbmc > skin folder?

or xbmc > web > styles folder? or are they seperate things?

a new xbmc skin goes into xbmc/skin/

a new webserver skin goes into xbmc/web/ removing the old skin
choke, any luck reviewing the pm3 web interface?
oh, ok... one more thing... what would the webserver be?

sorry... new to the scripts and all.
Quote:choke, any luck reviewing the pm3 web interface?

pyranha (the coder) and myself both dont have much time to redo the webserver at the moment
not so much redo, i meant review...

oh yeay kanadakid posted it at my boards as he was done...

i dont thnk the css is clean enough to go into cvs

same goes for the gfx - its hard to read on the backgroundpictures

thats why i went with "redo" initialy