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Full Version: TVHeadend + Frodo sometimes white picture switching from HD to SD
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I have been using Frodo final with TVHeadend for a week or so now. It is very stable and overall works really good.

Sometimes, I experience a white orb like picture and sound when I switch from a HD channel to a SD channel. If I switch to another SD channel, I get the same picture. If I switch back to a HD channel, I get both picture and sound. The solution is to stop and restart playback.

How do I dokument this?

you really needed 2 threads for this. The PVR support isnt perfect. There is going to some lag and what not.
Why do I need two threads for this? I know that PVR support is in its early stages.

I do not think that this is related to TVheadend but XBMC. If I stream via VLC, then there's no problem.