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Full Version: (OpenELEC) Setting up TvHeadEnd with another drive
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So I have a few questions really.

I have TvHeadEnd setup and I can watch TV fine.
So today I decided to put in a spare HDD I had lying around so I could record TV, and Pause and so on.

1) How do I setup my HDD?
I can see in /var/media and its blank so I read that it means the HDD is not being read or doesnt have a file system.
How can I format this within OpenELEC so that I can use it?
2) Once its setup, how can I add this is a device within the TvHeadEnd gui?
Is it /var/media/harddrivenamehere?
3) How can I setup TvHeadEnd so that I can pause TV and rewind and so forth?

Thanks guys
I don't know about mounting drives in Openelec, I use XBMCBuntu which requires editing the fstab file. Sounds like in Openelec you need to create a startup script that mounts the drive. Should be able to google the specifics.

You change the TVHeadEnd recording directory under the WebUI recorder settings. There is a text box to set the path.

And finally, for time-shifting (fast forward, rewind, pause) you will need to install an experimental TVHeadend build, the current stable release does not support time-shifting. Please someone correct me if I am wrong but sounds like right now XBMC as a PVR front end only supports pausing live TV. FF & RW features are disabled for the time being?

edit: Here is the PPA to the latest TVHeadEnd binaries. Don't know what version will work with openelec.

edit 2: Looks like ff/rw not working only effects tvheadend and vdr right now.