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Full Version: No audio Nexus 10 and Frodo RC
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HI there.

I just installed the RC version of Frodo on my Samsung Nexus 10 running 4.2.1. I have great video but zero audio. I am aware that xbmc has it's own volume in addition to my device. I hear navigation sounds as I move through the xbmc GUI but no audio from any movie I play. All formats of video appear to play awesome but no audio. Any ideas?

I installed the last test build with hardware accelerated videos and audio runs without any problem, even DTS tracks.
Maybe you should try the final frodo release ??
I had downloaded the version on the xbmc DL page. Is that not the most current release for 12.0?
It should.
Here's the link:


Otherwise, you can try this one, its works pretty well on my nexus 10

Thanks brother! Not sure what the difference was from my RC to the link but that fixed the issue. I just uninstalled the old one and installed the new one, then magic.

My Nexus 10 is now a go with Frodo!