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Full Version: Stacked iso playback (selection prompt)
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Hello Everyone

First let me say a big thank you to the team at XBMC, Frodo is awesome. Also an extra thank you to Phil65 and his continued work on Aeon Nox. Your on going efforts are appreciated by everyone.

Long version - Back History
Last year I began the huge task of ripping all of my DVDs and BluRays to my XBMC server. These have all been ripped to iso's with everything in tact. In my opinion I paid for it all and collect it all, I'm not going to filter it out all my special features or compress my video. At first I didn't know what to do with all the special features discs, but I ripped them all the same. I went through the idea of creating custom genres for them, and creating custom posters and nfo files. But I felt like they would be in the way when I just wanted to view my movies.

Some of you probably know I'm going with this, I stumbled across file stacking essentially a held over feature from when people would compress and copy DVDs onto two CD-ROMS. File stacking allowed the files to appear and playback as one file in XBMC. Except if these were ISO's because then there was a whole disc structure to access through a menu. In the event that the movie you selected was made up of two ISO's a prompt would pop up for you to select which ISO.

This was my solution to have my whole movie collection show without multi poster for the same movie and yet still have access to all the special feature discs. Worked great, simple and elegant. Except, I upgraded to XBMC 12 and Aeon Nox 4. I don't know where the change in the stacked file playback came from but suddenly it defaults and just plays the first disc.

Then I went to find the setting to revert this to the old behavior. The closest I found was "Video - Settings" - "File Lists" - "Default Select Action". There the choices are, Choose, Play, Resume and Show Information. Simple right, I changed it to Choose. However now I get the choose menu prompt everywhere. Want a song to play, click and then the menu click play. TV, same thing, click an episode and now you need to click play at the menu prompt. But in movies it does prompt me to select what part.

Short Version - What I'm actually trying to do
I would like to find the code to alter, or a patch, or something, to restore the old way of handling the playback of stacked ISO's.
So that when clicking on a regular movie for playback that is made up of multiple ISO's that it asks what one to play. Without enabling the full "Choose" menu for every play prompt in XBMC.

Thank you in advance to everyone, and thank you to all involve with XBMC I've been a user and promoter of XBMC for over three years and couldn't imagine not using it.

Thank You
No one? No help?
I think you can get better help by posting it in the appropriate section. This is not something skins can control, but a XBMC core function.
Hi threegs, looks like you and I are seeing the same issue:


(Thanks to jjd-uk for noticing the connection)