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Full Version: Actions scenes more quiet than scenes with dialogs?
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Is there a way to make XBMC play, sound the action scenes relatively to the spoken scenes less loud, there are big differences, so I usually often have to turn the volume down while the action scenes.
If you are using surround sound, turn up the volume of your center channel on your receiver. That's where the dialogue is.
Thank you, aptalca,

Alas, I only have two speakers...

Thanks again.
to make the volume more even raise the volume amplification setting. +10db usually works for me

Breakaway is the best tool for normalizing your audio.
Thank you wes paich, yes, a good idea, but you always have to do it manually.

Thanks for the link, BloodSyphon, yes, seems to be a very nice tool, if it were freeware it would be much more...may be there is a freeware tool.