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Full Version: Show "TV Shows" in Movies
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I have custom main menu item for Documentaries. In it, set as movie content, I have a bunch of IMAX documentaries.
However, Planet Earth and Frozen Planet are scraped as TV Shows, and so show up under TV Shows. They wouldnt scrape if set to movies content.

Is there anyway for me to show them as movie sets instead of tv shows? Would using .nfo files to override work?

My Documentaries custom main menu is tied to a playlist filtering path starts with X:/XBMC Documentaries.

Yes. You could create a custom NFO with all the relevant details and use that to add it to the movie library instead of TV.
It would also need to be in a source configured with a movie scraper and not a TV scraper.
tried just url of thetvdb page but scraping as movie didnt work. file was Autumn.nfo with just url.

i then did move the files over with just this info:


<set>Frozen Planet</set>
<sorttitle>Frozen Planet 4</sorttitle>


the files show up as a movie set, but no info is scraping. I guess I will build the full nfo and add thumbnails, fanart and poster manually.
Take a look at this thread and see if it does the trick for you: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=135342
looked interesting. tried everything with it but didnt work.

will go the nfo route i guess.

from other searches, tv and movies playlists cannot be mixed in xbmc. audio and video can, but that doesnt help me.

pseudotv also errored out, guess not compatible with frodo.
Have you been able to get the custom nfo file to work?

I want to do the same thing for Planet Earth and BBC Life but my attempts have all failed.
After scraping, I just right click TV show of choice and select link tv show to movie, select movie in next dialog and done. Presuming it has a movie which is related, All from XBMC context menu with no nfo. Then this TV show, is also displayed in Movies Library.