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Full Version: themoviedb removing files from file list after scrape
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So I noticed that some movies were missing from my library and file lists in XBMC. I tried re-scraping after removing and re-adding source (my movie folder). This only made things worse, as each time I tried to re-scrape different/more movies would be ignored (no longer visible in file list). If I add my movie folder and set content to "none", I can see all of my movies in file mode (not library, obviously because I haven't set content yet). However, as soon as I scrape again, certain movies will simply be removed from the file list. I've tried using .nfo files created by ember MM as well as .nfo files with a link to the particular movie on themoviedb.org, and neither worked. I've also noticed that if I refresh movie information on a suspect file, it will do a proper refresh, but then when I exit and check the library it is not there and furthermore when I return to the file list the actual file (movie.mkv) will be gone from the movie folder or the whole folder itself will be gone.

I run Windows 7 64-bit using Frodo and Aeon Nox v.4.0 skin. I never had these issues in Eden (or Frodo at release for that matter), any help would be appreciated.

p.s. Is there a way to tell xbmc to simply use local metadata without having to run a scraper first?
The local NFO file will always be used before scraping assuming the NFO is syntactically valid. Grab and post a debug log while refreshing one movie, exiting to home and rechecking the library as you explained above. The log may provide some details as to what it happening.
I copied the debug log starting from the scan and ending at exit of xbmc. I turned off library updates, but it still seems cluttered with add-on crap. Not sure how to make the log any cleaner, sorry.


All I could see was that the NFO was recognized and a scan was completed, but I've never really tried reading a debug log before.