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Full Version: Recording problems.
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Dear forums,

Have been using the latest xbmc and tvheadend for two weeks now and so far ok but not amazed as have a number of issues to sort.

My main problem is with recording and then playback. My tv card is a TBS 6981 S2 card which of course is a dual tuner card. As far as I am aware it supports recording one channel and watching the another. To my surprise this isn't the case at the moment as it will only let me record and watch the same channel which is no point to a dual tuner card? Not sure if I am supposed to do something in TVheadend but doesn't seem to be a setting for this in either the backend or the front end.

My other major issue is when I do record something and then come to watch the recording I have it listed in my recordings section of live tv and the. When I select it to playback the program nothing happens at all. The file exists on my second drive if I boot out of xbmc and go into xbmcbuntu but if I go back into xbmc in the recording section it then disappears which of course means its automatically deleted the file and thus cannot ever watch the recording.

I canof course go to the bbc I player and watch it but then what's the point of having live tv in the first place if I cannot use the important function in xbmc of recording tv program's and the watching them back.

Have I done something wrong and can anyone help?

Many thanks
For the recording and viewing at the same time:
When you go into the configuration, do you see multiple tuners like this? (since it's a dual tuner card, you will probably just see 2)


Have you set up the mux (or whatever the equivalent is for satellite) and mapped the services to channels for the 2nd tuner? once that is done it should automatically be able to switch between tuners for recording / viewing etc.

Thanks for your help. I have both cards picking up in TVheadend and have mapped their services on both cards so just assumed that was correct.

Last night I was doing some more recording testing and things seemed to be going ok, files were not mysteriously disapearing and I was able to watch one program and record the other.

I also may have solved e other issue of why when recording a program and I go to watch it nothing happens. My recording location is on a second drive. When I went to watch a recording of match of the day 2 from last nit this morning the media center booted up from a shutdown state and when nothing was playing I checked the file browser and it still couldn't see it. My diagnoses was that it wasn't mounting the second drive in boot up. After looking in the location in xbmcbuntu and the go back into xbmc I could watch the file. I will look into how I auto mount a drive on boot up tonight for xbmcbuntu and carry on with my testing.

Thanks for your help this far. Will keep everyone posted.