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Full Version: Aplication not installed
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I'm using a Rinomagic MK-802 II with last official firmware (05122012).

I can't install XBMC, the msg is "Aplication not installed", tested with Release: 12.0 “Frodo”and last nightlies build xbmc-20130210-6db584b-master-armeabi-v7a.apk

Any idea about this error?
Make sure you have Unknown Sources activated in your android settings. Also, if you have any older version of XBMC on it, you might need to uninstall it first so you can reinstall a newer version.
Also, I don't know if that release is a compatible one with your device (Allwinner A10) as that I have not tried it, but the folowing build should work If all else fails

Unknown Sources is configured correctly. But for some reason the last nightly build now works, I suppose that is but some change in my system.
The XMBC works on Allwinner A10 without HW acceleration.

btw I'll try the builds at http://code.google.com/p/xbmc-android/ to try one external player with hardware acceleration and keep on eye on the progress of this branch https://github.com/empatzero/xbmca10 .
Yes this is normal, XMBC does not support Hardware acceleration on allwinner device, you need to use external player for hardware acceleration to work