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Full Version: Instead of changing channel, XBMC start play timeshifted previous channel
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After playing with DVbviewer and NextPVR backends I was not very satisfied with zapping time

Now I installed Argus TV backend, but I have funny problem. When I run XBMC and switch to channel #1, I can watch TV, channel #1. Then I switch to channel #2, but instead of watching channel #2, XBMC starts playback channel #1 from the begining.

Same problem in two XBMC clients on two computers, slightly different XBMC and Argus plugin versions, therefore I am sure, the problem is in Argus backend, but I have no idea where. Can someone help me?

When start watching channel other then channel #1 (existing and working channel), I can see the channel. Now when I try to switch to another channel (again, working channel), different then #1, XBMC switch to channel #1.

In EPG Timeline I see only one row - channel #1.
Problem solved.
Solution: "System - Settings - Live TV - General" - uncheck "Use backend channels numbers..."