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Full Version: [RELEASE] TFC.tv (Filipino) Video Addon Available
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Mukhang very busy si pareng todits,still errors on his xbmc add on,pre, if u find time pls. Update your great add on , tnx..ASAP...thank u again
talaga yatang busy si todits, paktay tayo mga XBMC USER hahaha gutom tayo nito sa TFC lol!!!
Relax lang mga bros, Im sure pareng todits on it na when he comes back to this forum.

In the meantime, just go to the the tfc.tv website or download the tfc.tv apps for android or ios
Fix just went in. Please update the addon. This is just a quick fix and some of the features of the addon have been disabled. Hopefully we'll be able to find a solution.

The following have been disabled:
Subscribed Shows
Italicized Unsubscribed Shows
List Subscribed Shows First
Free TV
Your awesome todits... thanks for the update!!!!! Yey!!!!
Todits thanks for the quick fix. It's working Smile
Thanks a lot for the fix !
Thank you so much Todits!
Thank you 'tol!
Salamat po pareng todits...hopefully you can find a fix for the missing parts..thanks again...keep up thw good work...many thanks
Thanks Mr. Todits I only joined the TFC.TV because of your great addon for KODI. We really appreciate you for taking time out of you busy schedule to help people you don't even know! This is a great community!
Napansin ko lang mga tol na mas mabilis ang connection using tfctv app android. Walang buffering. Pero sa kodi minsan humihinto.
Ok naman yung sa akin. try mo clean yung cache mo pra hindi sya mag buffer. the repo is working great with kodi and and gotham 13.2. Keep it up Todits!!! Thanks for an awesome repo...
mga sir kailangan po ba subscriber ka ng tfc to watch?newbie lang po thank you.
Sa android app merong HD, sana meron na rin dito