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Full Version: [RELEASE] TFC.tv (Filipino) Video Addon Available
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Hi soloflyt. Please re-enter your username and password in the addon settings to make sure that they're correct. Right now, the addon does not complain if a wrong username+password combination was used. I tried to re-create your issue by registering for a trial account in tfc.tv and I was able to view the movies in both their website and in XBMC.
I did, hmm I have a question though. If you have a free trial will all teleserye work ? or just some ? I do notice that some do work, and some don't. E.g. Katorse works but huwag ka lang ma wawala doesnt. But both work using pc with a browser. Thanks for your help.
soloflyt, that show might not be part of your free subscription. There are several free subscriptions packages that they provide and each package contains a different set of shows from the other. Also, we don't get to choose which free subscription package we can subscribe to. They give them out randomly.

You can check which shows are part of your free subscription by going to "Subscribed Shows" in the TFC.tv XBMC plugin and I think (I'm not sure) through the tfc.tv website.
That makes sense. For some reason I thought all shows are available with trial subscription. If its just part, then the issue that I'm experiencing makes sense. I guess i'll get the paid subscription then. Thanks for your help and thanks for your app. It works great!
Hi Todits. You will be of great help if you will teach me step by step on how to install tfc.tv in my android mini tv. I'm a newbie in this matter. Thanks.
ZaldiepyZaldie, first, you have to install XBMC on your android device. Here is how to install XBMC in Android: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW...or_Android

Here are the procedures on how to install the TFC.tv Add-on: https://code.google.com/p/todits-xbmc/wiki/TfcTvInstall
Hi. My girlfriend uses her Facebook account for logging in to tfc.tv.

Unfortunately, I can't get that to work with your add-on. Do you know if Facebook sign-in is possible with your plug-in?

Has anyone tested that?

Hi satbuster. There is still an email address associated with her TFC.tv account. It might have been picked up from her Facebook account when she signed up for a TFC.tv account.

I updated the installation procedures to with a guide on how to find out the email address associated with the TFC.tv account. You can find it here (https://code.google.com/p/todits-xbmc/wi...vFindEmail ) and thanks for bringing this up.
The new version of the plugin (0.0.26) now fetches a more updated list of episodes from TFC.tv. Newly aired episodes will be listed faster in the list of episodes of a show. Of course, this is still dependent on how fast the episode gets posted in TFC.tv.

However, due to the changes in this list, the watched markers (check symbols) of all the episodes that you've watched will all be cleared. Apologies for that.
Hi! I just downloaded the plugin... and tried using it now... but I'm getting this error


Btw can I download videos using this? or do you know any software where in I can download. ty
Hi janemalory,

Can you try uninstalling and installing the plugin again? I might be because some of the dependencies not being installed properly.
Mabuhay ka todits!

Can you do similar to this for GMA too?
Thanks egx2.

I'm not sure if GMA offers an online subscription similar to TFC.tv and right now, I might not have the time to develop and maintain another XBMC extension.
I see thanks, btw the Pinoy TV if I click TV Patrol Replays for example I get same errors similar to janemalory's post (above)
Oh, the Pinoy TV plugin. That one is seldom updated maybe except for the PBA live link and it's not "officially" supported, you know, like it works if it works so yeah. I'll take a look and see what I can do. You can also watch TV Patrol replays using the TFC.tv plugin if you have a TFC.tv subscription.