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Full Version: [RELEASE] TFC.tv (Filipino) Video Addon Available
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yessss!!! it is working again

tfc error
its working now Smile
Hello everyone, is anyone having issues with the TFC? fetting script failed.. can anyone help me out.
its working again. tnx
Anybody have this working with Kodi (XBMC Version 15) yet?
(2014-12-11, 17:53)LowRider55 Wrote: [ -> ]Anybody have this working with Kodi (XBMC Version 15) yet?

Before upgrading my XBMC installs to Kodi I tried it out on my laptop - I have no problems running the TFC.tv addon under Kodi
Happy New Year everyone!

is anyone having issues with the TFC right now? Please advise. i keep
getting script error and it wont load. thanks
Hello Todits.

I just downloaded the new version Kodi 15 on my second amazon fire tv and I added on the repository from dk and but I cannot find TFC on the available plug in. Also, I get a error script failed message.

Can you please tell me the http path that i need to add on the add source on my amazon fire tv?

Thank you and have a happy new year.
Hi Soniasg,

Sorry to hear you're having problems with the install. I'm not sure what "dk" is but you can start by downloading this zip file (https://code.google.com/p/todits-xbmc/do...addons.zip) and adding the repo. From there, you can add the plugin.
First of all I'd like to say thank you so much Todits for this add-on, as you can see this is actually my first post in this forum and this is actually my first time getting into online streaming. The very first question I realized is if there is a way to use our subscription through lets say Comcast since that is our cable provider here in the East Coast.

Maraming Salamat Po!
yhe2x, yes, you will be able to watch http://tfc.tv content on Kodi over Comcast.
Its a great Addon, but is there any way to watch all filipino live tv channels? Can you make a repo like Pinoy Tv(not working)?
Awesome plugin, really enjoy watching our TFC.tv subscription on Kodi. Is there going to be a quality update to HD, the website now has the option to stream in High Definition? If not can you tell me how I can code the higher resolution as an option. Nod
Sir todits paano ba mag-play ng HD?