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Full Version: ANSA video news plugin
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Hi all,

I made a plugin to watch videos from the ANSA web site. ANSA is the main Italian news agency. News are in Italian only.

UPDATE: This plugin is available in the official XBMC repository.

Source code can be found at github:

Comments and suggestions are very welcome.

i use also this plugin, i hope you release more and more for italian user.
good job.
I've just released v1.0.1.

- showing video pubdate in the title
- added addon.xml optional metadata
no upgrades for this plugin?
What's the problem with this addon? It works fine (if upstream xml is well formed).
after i have updated my xbmc to gotham it was marked as "not compatibile" (no fresh install, installed on frodo)
i will instal it manually and report.
Ops... I forgot to push an update a long ago... Pushed v1.0.2 right now.

- updated required python API version to 2.1.0. This addon should now work with both XBMC 12 (Frodo) and XBMC 13 (Gotham).
ok, now it works.
but i can't see recent videos. latest available is from 09-04-2014.
i watched the site and there they are available today's videos
You are right. It seems ANSA no longer updates the video feeds the addon uses. I'll see if there are other sources.
Version 1.0.3.

- Now using Android feeds.
Tested, thanks.
This addon is now included in the XBMC repository.