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Full Version: ListenLiveEU - Favourites
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I switched to FRODO a couple weeks ago and now using the default skin.

I coulda sworn, when you right click a station you could add it to favourites (which I still can) but... I can't seem to find the favourites.

I get browse by genre and browse by country... didn't there use to be a favourites in that list?
Use "Add bookmark" instead of "Add to favourites" on the station's context menu. The latter adds a favourite to that station on the XBMC Favourites menu (accessed via the star icon on lower-left of home page). The former adds a bookmark to the station within the ListenLiveEU add-on. Afterwards, you can select "Browse by bookmarks" on the add-on's initial page to access your saved station.
Cool thanks... not often I use that stuff, but, ListenLiveEU has WAY too many stations to click through. Smile

... bummer, I click 'add bookmark' and pops up saying 'Bookmark NOT added!'
Be sure you've updated to the Frodo version (1.0.1, I believe). If you still have trouble, try asking in the thread devoted to this add-on: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=48687
Ya, I tried uninstalling and re-adding it back and it's the current version. :S

Probably a setting somewhere I'm missing. Smile