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Full Version: XBMC Library Auto Update - TVShows not updated
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Hi all!

I have Xubuntu running XBMC Frodo from the PPA and all addons updates. I have Library Auto Update installed and configured to update my Video library and clean it up.
There is a TVShow folder which I have setup with the TVShow Scraper and in there there are 3 folders each for another show. The shows get downloaded automatically or I can add manually in there.
If I start XBMC it automatically updates the Libary, because I defined that in the settings. Same is true if I manually update the library.

However, even though Auto Library Update seems to be working, it never updates the TVShows. If I copy manually files into it, they are not shown in XBMC even if the Add On ran.

What do I do wrong? Do I have to define specific paths because they are in subfolders? Is there a conflicting setting?

I am new to XBMC, your help is very much appreciated.