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Full Version: Add MPEG2 .TS support?
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Hi guys, would it be possible to add MPEG2 .TS support?
It's unplayable in windows and android, i can't stream this codec from Enigma2 receiver and i can't watch .TS either.

Here is sample so you guys could replicate:

recorded .TS file

Video: MPEG2 Video 704x576 (16:9) 25fps 15000kbps [Video - Portuguese, MPEG2, Main Profile, Main Level, 704x576, 25.000 fps, 15000.0 kbit/s (1410,e0,00)]
Audio: MPEG Audio 48000Hz stereo 192kbps [Audio - Portuguese, MPEG1 - Layer 2, 48.0 kHz, 2 chn, 192.0 kbit/s (1411,c0,00)]
hello? anyone?
Your download link doesn't work. As far as I know, XBMC supports mpeg-2 transport streams just fine.
i thought that too but i can't stream mpeg2 from enigma2 receiver and i can't play .TS mpeg2 recordings in xbmc either... :|

unplayable in xbmc Sad
Why do users continue to use such useless download sites ?
mate.....that's not the point.....
mate, it IS the point if you want some XBMC dev to download the file to see why there is a problem. I've not going to try an decipher some parasitic download site that makes me wait N seconds to download, then tries to get me to install crap. No sir, that's just not going to fly here.

So guess what ? I'm passing you by, and you can continue to have your issues because this XBMC dev is just not interested anymore.
First download link wants a password that you never gave us. Second download link wants us to create an account on the website to download the file.

Here's a tip: http://dropbox.com , http://box.com , https://drive.google.com
Sample file is broken, but once repaired plays fine in XBMC. http://blog.komeil.com/2010/01/fix-broke...reams.html

It's most likely an issue on the Enigma2 side.
crap.... thank you for your feedback. this happens in all enigma2 boxes :| xtrend, dreambox, vu+ ..tested many images, openpli ,etc.
should i "report" this to any team? whats your opinion?

this makes stream unwatchable too. but mpeg4 is ok. mpeg2 isn't. :|
can you advice me on what to say to image group enigma2?
I'm honestly not sure. It might even be something that we can help with on our side. I do know that TS streams in general are notorious for this.
do you think this has to do the way channel scanning is done and/or pids?

i don't even know what to tell them Smile
(2013-02-19, 05:38)Ned Scott Wrote: [ -> ]I'm honestly not sure. It might even be something that we can help with on our side. I do know that TS streams in general are notorious for this.

ok, so i talked to a few openpli dev/users and they told me that dvb-s mpeg2 .TS are delivered "AS IS" so there is nothing they can do to "fix" it, since probably all other receivers then the others that use enigma2 as OS would have same "problem". It's the TV broadcasting "format".

That said...i would like to ask XBMC team to see if you guys could check this out and see if you could manage to play this "strange" .TS files so we can play it in XBMC and be able to stream live TV too in this format.

i would provide you with full logs/details and help you with whatever you may need to fix this problem. I can provide samples, be available 24/7 for this (i work at home).

I just would like to have full stream support from enigma2 to XBMC.
I know this is a bold request but asking doesn't hurt i guess.
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