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Full Version: Buffering Problem with Webradio-Streams
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Hello fellow XBMCers,

i am using XBMC (12.0) on my RaspberryPI (the 512mb model), and i'm trying to stream webradio from the shoutcast, di.fm or mixcloud addon/plugin. My problem is that after ~2-15minutes of playback, i hear increasing crackling sound, then playback dies. Neither pulseaudio nor xbmc log anything when this happens, even with debugging enabled. I see that xbmc is still playing back, and it plays at "5:35 / 5:21", so it plays 14 seconds in the future // after the buffer! I've also noticed that when i start playing a stream, only ~10 seconds are buffered.

I've benchmarked my wifi connection to my (linux-)router to achieve a steady throughput of at least 3.5megabyte/s download and 3.2megabyte/s upload, as well as a steady ping of 15ms without any packet losses. My internet connection is also plenty to accomodate a few webradio streams of as little as 128kb/s (as most of them are).

Now, i believe that this can be solved by increasing the amount of data that has to be buffered before the playback starts. I've tried to increase the usual suspects mentioned anywhere: cachemembuffersize as well as (pvrSmile minaudiocachelevel. Increasing any of the variables, or both, had no effect on the buffering/playback-start whatsoever.

I'd be really glad for any kind of help and tips. I'm kind of at a loss here. Thanks for reading!
Best Regards
- NebuK
were using Smarty for a professional site with lots of forms. Nearly every page has one form and they all require validation. We use SmartyValidate, which we think is promising.

Unfortunately, weve run into problems, when we go from one form-page to another. Sometimes the validation-criteria follow the user to the next page, and we get errors since the validation-criteria from the previous form arent fullfilled in the new form.

Were following the readme-file very closely:


smarty =

// required initialization

// validate after a POST
// no errors, done with SmartyValidate
SmartyValidate::disconnect; <- should reset
// error, redraw the form

Weve tried giving the forms different names and registering them with smartyvalidate with the command:

SmartyValidate::register_formmyform, true;

But that doesnt help??

Has anyone stumbled across this problem and some likely solutions? We couldnt find anything in the forum that helps.

Please help, wed hate to give up SmartyValidate because of this, but we have a deadline in the beginning of january.

Was this posted in the right thread? I don't see any connection between the two problems...
Noone? This is really getting on my nerves ;(. I'd SO love to finally use xbmc for listening to webradio in the livingroom ;(.

I too am having some issues with ListenLive.eu due to sometimes poor internet connection hence i want to increase buffer to say 20 or 30 sec as oposed to default 10 secs .... any ideas.

thank you.