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Full Version: Soundcloud problem
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I have a HTPC with:
- Windows 7 64bit
- XBMC 12 Frodo Final
- Wireless

When i hearing music with Soundcloud (0.2.6) i cannot Fast Forward the music.
I was thinking thats normal.

But my friend has the XBMC 12 on the Rasperry Pi and there it works.

Any Help? I didnt have find a Solution or the same problem with Google.

Agree with this, I have similar issues on OpenELEC (linux) Frodo RC3 so I think the problem is more pervasive than just you.

Track progress - the track plays the current time but the whole length of the track is not shown. I think this is why you can't scan through the track, I also have this issue.

Also, Queuing - I am unable to queue individual tracks from my dashboard without queuing the entire contents of the dashboard.

Track info - no track info, it would be great if we could see track owner and length at a bare minimum, maybe also any text posted regarding the track would be a bonus.

Context menu, can this be configured to jump to all tracks from a given user, like the youtube plugin?

Anyone maintaining Soundcloud, any consideration on these items would be much appreciated.

Same here, so please try this version.
(2014-10-17, 16:22)bromix Wrote: [ -> ]Same here, so please try this version.

please stop digging up old threads just to promote your addon.
He's not "promoting", it's not a marketing venture bro.

he's "informing" / "educating" people on the new way around things and i see nothing wrong with that man

cut him a little slack

./No offence
It's wrong posting it 5 times.