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Full Version: EXTREMELY Noob Question
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Hi Everyone, I'm desperate and would truly appreciate some direction. I just bought the G-Box midnight and I have connected my external Toshiba 3 tb hard drive on it. My question is, when I go and try to add to my library the only options I see is from an external SD card and Android. How do I make XBMC look at my external hard drive so I can have it as my library?
First thing that springs to mind: what file system is the harddrive? If it's NTFS, then chsnces are it won't work. Try formatting a usb stick or similar to FAT32 to check.
Oh no....yes it's NTFS....so I have to reformat and do it as FAT32?
Actually that didn't work.I reformatted a USB stick to FAT32 and added a movie. I plugged it in to the GBOX midnight started XBMC and went to video. Clicked on add file to library and went to External HD. Only options I saw were SD Card and Android.....
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FAT32's 4 GB file size limit is pretty limiting for storing video files IMO. I believe the above advice was intended as a quick check to see if your midnight will see a FAT-formatted drive. I'd suggest formatting your drive with one of the higher capacity filesystems that Android supports, like ext4. If you plan on moving your new drive to a Windows machine for whatever reason don't unplug it without unmounting the drive (or tuning off the G-box). You'll need to Ext2Fsd on your Windows computer to read ext-formatted drives.
no, I plan to just have my external hard drive connected to the midnight to watch movies (basically just a media player). I would like to take advantage of the cool preview and descriptions of movies if it were possible that the midnight could detect my Hard Drive.
ok, so I can install that app on my g-box midnight and it will detect my hard drive? Just wanted to point out that I can run it through the Android launcher under movie player, but not through XBMC.