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Full Version: XBMC Flaws - Cant use for DLNA/upnp server.
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Hi guys, First i love XBMC. The reason i'm writing this post is to put some of my problems out there to hopefully help improve it and maybe get some tricks fed back to me.

I keep switching back to Twonky for my basic DLNA/upnp server requirements, due to the below reasons.
1. Super slow scanning of my library, (music took almost two full days).

2. When dlna/upnp clients browse the xbmc library, super slow.. and will only load "chunks" of the library at a time. So when i search for a song it usually never shows unless I have scrolled down to that area via WMP, and viewed that artist first so it can load into cache, then i can search for it which kind of defeats the purpose, will do this again once i close wmp and reopen, doesn't do this with Twonky for some reason.

3. hit or miss on pulling album art from the songs, again no issue with Twonky...

4. (this one is most likely operator error) Difficult to get the videos and pictures to show via DLNA/upnp i added them to the library but never get them to show, finally got some videos to show, then learned there were no thumbnails, had to read up how to make ffmpg work and didnt load but a few thumbnails.

Please dont get defensive, I really want XBMC to take care of all my needs, i'm not trying to sell the group on Twonky, i would love to use XBMC as my main program (plus its free), I do use it for all of my "receivers" in each room to "play to". I love the ability to make XBMC look,and work the way i want it to. I just have to use a different server to supply the streams.

Here is my server/music info:
HP ProLiant ML350
Xeon Quad 2 Ghz
16Gig RAM
Win 7 64-bit
12 TB storage Onboard SATA raid, about 6TB in actual storage.

MP3's - 117,170 all mp3 format, majority embedded album art and lyrics.
Music Videos - 12,528 mostly mpeg format.
Movies - 288 uncompressed MKV format rips.
Several issues here, but lets start with the easy ones. If you have mp3's with embedded art that don't display in XBMC, please pull them out and provide some samples so I can fix it.

Are you using Frodo for serving stuff up? Lots of changes were made from Eden->Frodo, so it *might* be faster (though most of the work was focused on video I think).

I presume you had internet lookups enabled for your music scan? As a pure file-based scan (mp3 tag extraction) should be lots quicker than that.

Im using the latest stable version... I think i tried with and without internet lookup... But something i forgot to mention, i only allow the system READ only access to my mp3's so they cant get changed in any way.. so i dont know if xbmc is trying to write to that drive... the status while scanning seems to wiz through mp3's maybe 2 a second to give you an idea of speed, while scanning will take a bit longer on some MP3's i dont know which ones though to spot a pattern.